UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

Are You a Young, Motivated Futurist? UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

If so, UNICEF Innocenti is eager to work with you! We are looking for young people who can come equipped with a combination of curiosity, creativity, and commitment to social good. We value prior experience in futures and foresight, but we firmly believe in potential and are therefore open to applications from young people possessing strong facilitation, research, advocacy, and communication skills.

We know that the future doesn’t have to Wait.

UNICEF Innocenti’s Youth Foresight Fellowship (UYFF) is a one-year program designed to empower young individuals  to shape their futures and UNICEF strategy.

ESKOM Youth Employment Service (YES) X1 (Research- Testing -Development), Rosherville-Gauteng

This unique opportunity invites fellows to contribute to pioneering research and advocacy projects, making a real difference. UYFF is more than just a program – it’s a catalyst for change, helping transform foresight into action for children and youth worldwide.

Who Can Apply? UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship 2023

✔️ Young people aged 15-25

✔️ Must be from the following countries: Algeria, Comoros, Egypt, Ghana, Maldives, Mali, Myanmar, Türkiye, Pakistan, or USA

✔️ Experience in foresight is highly preferred; transferable skills like research, facilitation, advocacy, and or expertise in issues that will greatly impact the futures of children and youth

✔️ Must be able to devote between 5-10 hours per week on average to the fellowship

✔️ Selected fellows will receive stipend for work during the fellowship period

Application Materials

Click the Apply Now ↗️ button for detailed instruction!

✔️ Application Form

✔️ Link to a shared folder with
your CV/résumé and a cover letter

✔️ Link to a shared folder with
your creative submission

Deadline: August 21st, 2023

Please email us at innocentiyouth@unicef.org for inquiries.

“I have been part of youth engagement processes that are just there to legitimize the work of others, where youth are undervalued, overworked, and misused solely for the purpose of representation. The UYFF at UNICEF has been the complete opposite.”

Ricardo Pineda Guzmán, Youth Foresight Fellow 2022

Youth Foresight Fellowship Website

#OurFuturePledge Campaign

UNICEF Global Outlook 2023

Innocenti Youth Network Mailing List

Today, too few opportunities exist for young people to contribute to global trends analysis and foresight efforts. The opportunities that do exist often fail to engage diverse groups of youth (including the most vulnerable), ensure involvement of youth is appropriate to their interests and skills level, and provide safe, conducive, and accountable conditions for youth. Recognizing that young people have been a driving force for change throughout history, their absence from foresight processes inevitably hinders society’s capacity to anticipate how the world is changing. Furthermore, young people have a right to be part of any conversation about futures they will inherit.

Access To Energy Business Development Manager – Schneider Electric, Southern Africa

UNICEF has recruited a group of young futurists/foresight practitioners from around the world to become its first cohort of Youth Foresight Fellows. Fellows will work with UNICEF to design and facilitate a comprehensive foresight research process to inform UNICEF’s Global Outlook which provides an annual in-depth analysis of trends and events impacting the rights and wellbeing of children across the globe. Fellows will also design a foresight compendium tool to make futures thinking more accessible to young people.

Together, we look forward to further exploring and learning how best to bring young people to the table, what they bring, and how to engage them meaningfully, building intergenerational partnerships to understand and address long-term challenges.

Some Examples of Past Fellows: UNICEF Youth Foresight Fellowship

Jacob Ellis is a Lead Change Maker at the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, where he advises institutions on the implementation of the Well-being of Future Generations Act. He is also the United Nations Foundation Next Generation Fellow for future generations. Jacob is a member of the Sustainability Strategy Working Group for the Football Association of Wales and a Climate Justice Campaign Advisor for the Museums Association. He is a Non-Executive Director at Literature Wales and a Trustee at Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, former BBC Wales Journalist (2018), trustee of Scouts Cymru (2019), Chair of Urdd Gobaith Cymru’s youth committee (2014), and has spoken at several international events including COP26, World Government Summit, One Young World and the UN High-Level Political Forum.

Fisayo Oyewale is a 2022 SOIF alumna, an NGFP Fellow, and a contributor to the African Digital Futures project. She also serves on the advisory board for the Most Significant Futures Work Award given by the Association of Professional Futurists. Fisayo’s is a foresight researcher at the School of International Future on Artificial Intelligence for Development in Africa. Fisayo considers youth perspectives as crucial due to their unrestricted imagination and unconventional thinking. She believes that youth perspectives need to be nurtured like seeds that will eventually grow into a forest of hopeful intergenerational futures.





*** ALSO CHECK: Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

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